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"A Fertile Gem"

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Kansas is fast becoming one of the most sought after states for its Trophy Whitetail bucks, abundant Rio turkey and exciting predator hunting. Kansas is well known for its fertile mineral enriched soil and with its vast cover and excellent food sources. Kansas wildlife is far superior to most states.

We lease many farms that very from 400 to 3000 acres with a total of more than 20,000 acres and continuing to grow since 1996. Our farms in Kansas vary in terrains with fertile farm land to heavy timbered draws, to open pastures and tree choked fence lines. Creek bottoms lined with White Oaks or an occasional persimmon grove. Black jack covered hill tops or scattered cedar thickets and offer great habitat for your Trophy Whitetail deer, Rio turkey or the best predator hunts.

We at Blue Skies Hunting Adventures understand the significance each individual hunting trophy holds for you, the hunter. For some, this may well be a once in a lifetime hunting opportunity. We take pride in doing our utmost to ensure your hunt is successful and look forward to helping you achieve your Kansas dream trophy.


Click on any of the photos or text links below for information regarding each of the trophy hunting species available to hunt with us in the beautiful state of Kansas.

Kansas Deer hunts
Whiteltail Deer
Turkey hunts in Kansas with Blue Skies Hunting Adventures.
Turkey Hunts
Kansas Predator Hunts
Predator Hunts